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Viral Marketing

Turn every happy customer into your best ad.

The average Facebook user has 359 friends on Facebook.

Codify and go viral.

We all know about the power of social media and word of mouth. We also know that word of mouth marketing is by far the most effective way to promote your dealership and increase both virtual and showroom traffic. Not to mention, word of mouth requires no budget! The question is how to leverage the power of social networks to generate word of mouth advertising.

At Codify Automotive, we’ve spent years researching how customers really engage with social media and we’ve developed the technology that helps dealerships put processes in place to turn every happy customer into a raving fan on social media. Instead of sharing the customer’s experience on your social pages, we help you help them share their experience on their social pages.

Just do the math. The average Facebook user has 359 friends who regularly see his/her posts each day. Multiply the 359 social media connections per customer by the number of vehicles you sell each month plus the number of service R.O.s you close each month and you have the total number of people to whom you have the opportunity to advertise your brand, by word of mouth! Yes, we made that possible too. 

The modern day referral.

The best time to have a happy customer share their experience is while they are still at the dealership and still thrilled with their experience and the car they will be driving for the next few years. Using our proprietary technology, you can ask your happy customers to share their experience on social media while they’re still in your showroom.

Once they share their car buying experience and give a shout out to your dealership and staff, all of his/her friends now know that your dealership is being recommended, not by an ad, but by a trusted source…a friend! This is more powerful than any TV commercial for upper funnel marketing and more powerful than any SEM ad for people are closer to purchase.