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How We Do It

Obsessing with your competitors and you.

How We Do It

Obsessing with your competitors and you.

“Focus On The User & All Else Will Follow”


Bridging The Gap Between The Car Dealer and Car Shopper

If someone comes to your dealership asking for a specific model, trim, color and custom equipment, you take them to the exact vehicle you have on your physical lot that matches the vehicle they have in mind, not some generic base model. In other words, in order to earn the customers business you offer them exactly what they want.

Then why treat them any differently online? No more generic ads, no more ‘shotgun’ approach to marketing and no more generic user experience once the user lands on your website. Show them an ad that they want to see. Offer them an onsite experience that is customized to their wishes and desires. In other words, greet them with a custom message before they get to your website and once they are on your website, offer them an experience that is tailored to their online behavior.

When the customer comes to your dealership, you do everything in your power to ensure a great customer experience. Now, thanks to smart technology, you can offer them the best customer experience by offering the shortest possible path from your ad to “My Car”.


Technology Empowering Skill 

With over 25 years of experience in both the technology business and the digital marketing business, we are uniquely positioned to offer car dealers more of what they want, by enticing car shoppers with the details they need to make a purchase decision. This is how and why we created Alchemy–a proprietary software platform that empowers our staff of elite digital professionals to leave our competition–and by extension yours–in the dust.

Communicate with customers through ads that will resonate with them because your ads cater to their point of view. Increase conversions and reduce costs by greeting them with an onsite experience that is tailor-made to their needs. Only you can adapt the customer’s point of view, because you are the only dealership that is being propelled by technology that the rest of the industry has yet to get wind of. Your competitor’s ads and offerings are stale and static (despite what the vendor may tell you) while your ads adapt to speak to the customer’s desires and your offerings are exactly what they needed in order to make a purchase decision.

One single integrated technology platform that empowers you to meet the customer where they are, and in their terms. All at the tip of your fingers with you in control of your digital destiny, not the vendor.