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Streaming TV Just Got Smarter

Targeting and exact ROI measurement. Can it be real?

Precision Targeting

Streaming TV (OTT/CTV) services have revolutionized the way audiences consume content and as of last year more people are watching TV via streaming services than traditional cable or broadcast services. With traditional TV/Cable advertising, dealers air their ads without the ability to specifically target car shoppers.

In other words, since there is no precision targeting, at best a dealer can hope that the 2-3% of the population that are in the market for a car will see their ad, with no real measurement of performance. Imagine being able to get your video ad in front of people who are actively in the market to buy a car!

Advertising on Streaming TV allows dealerships to reach consumers where they are—on their favorite streaming services.


Target only active car shoppers with customized TV ads that can not be skipped.

With ad view completion rates over 98% you spend pennies per car shopper who viewed your message.

Precision Results Measurement

With traditional TV/Cable advertising, the best you can hope for is knowing how many times your ad was shown. You have no idea how many people actually saw your ad or if any of them ever became a customer of yours. In other words, you’re driving blind. 

Streaming TV advertising is introducing entirely new paradigms to advertise to car shoppers and the degree to which you can measure things is astonishing. You can know exactly how many times your ad was shown to people streaming their favorite programs, how many people saw the ad in it’s entirety (typically around 98%) and how much your cost per view was (typically less between $0.05 – $0.10 per view). What’s even more astonishing is that you can know your cost per dealership arrival. 


The Codify difference

At Codify we’ve developed the capability to track people who have viewed your TV ad as they arrive at your dealership.

So just like you can track visitors from your SEM efforts, the same can now be done through your TV ads. With cost per foot up being competitive with SEM, Streaming TV is now an indispensable advertising medium that is as productive and measurable as any other digital channel with the added benefit of branding your dealership to the masses at a cost of pennies per completed view.

Streaming TV advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for car dealers looking to enhance their marketing strategies. The ability to specifically target car shoppers with a level of cost-effectiveness with which traditional TV simply can’t compete, streaming TV an invaluable platform for reaching and in-market potential car buyers.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative advertising methods like streaming TV is essential for dealerships aiming to drive success in a competitive market.

By enabling you to track how many people physically arrived at your dealership after watching your TV ads, you can calculate ROI down to the dollar.